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Citizenship, Work Qualified:
Born, London, England.
Dual citizenship. England/Canada.
American resident since 1983.
Member of D.G.A. W.G.A. and A.C.T.T.
Member of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
Member of TV Academy.
14011 Ventura Boulevard, Ste 213
Sherman Oaks CA 91423
Phone: 818-788-7305
Fax: 818-788-7018

Jess Morgan & Co. Inc.
Los Angeles 
(323) 634-2400
Academy Awards: Feature films have received 14 nominations.

Emmy Awards: Productions have received 16 nominations.

Emmy: "A Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story" Best Director.

Golden Globe: "Anne of a Thousand Days." Best Motion Picture Director' 

Golden Globe: "Poor Little Rich Girl". Best mini-series. 

Golden Globes: Productions have received 8 nominations.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts Yearly Award: Best Director' U.K. 

Prix Italia: First Prize. BBC-TV 


Just completed principal photography on independent feature, "Turn of Faith", starring Charles Durning, Mia Sara and Costas Mandylor.


Award-winning director Charles Jarrott, son of an actress, started work in the theater as an actor and then, like his contemporaries, Frankenheimer, Lumet and Dan Petrie, 'paid his dues' in directing live television. Creating a name for himself in Canadian and British television, he won the coveted BAFTA "Best Director" award and First Prize in the internationally famous Prix Italia. This brought him to the attention of one of Hollywood's most illustrious producers, Hal B. Wallis, who produced "Casablanca" and 'True Grit" among other film epics. Mr. Wallis invited him to direct Richard Burton in the feature film, "Anne of the Thousand Days.", co-starring Canada's Genevieve Bujold. This film received ten Academy Award nominations and garnered the Golden Globe "Best Director" award for Mr. Jarrott. Other features followed and included "Mary, Queen of Scots" with Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson; "The Other Side of Midnight," with Susan Sarandon, John Beck and Marie-France Pisier; Burt Bacharach's musical version of "Lost Horizon" with Peter Finch, Liv Ullman and Sir John Gielgud; and "The Dove", a story of Robin Lee Graham's solo voyage around the world on a 23 foot sail boat. One of Mr. Jarrott's favorite films was "The Amateur" starring John Savage and Marte Keller, a saga of CIA versus international terrorism. His range of subjects is very wide, ranging from historical drama, action adventure, Mob street stories, biographic drama, comedy, through to fantasy. His Xmas fantasy, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus", starring Charles Bronson, has become standard U.S. Christmas fare. Since becoming a permanent resident in the United States, Mr. Jarrott's many credits also include several mini-series including, "Poor Little Rich Girl"; "Till We Meet Again"; "The Night of the Fox"; and Jackie Collin's "Lady Boss." Following his independent blacknoir film, 'The Secret Life of Algernon", which he co-wrote, he made an abrupt turn in the summer of 2000 to direct a Mob versus Union independent feature, "Turn of Faith" in Ohio, starring Costas Mandylor, Mia Sara and Charles Durning, which opens in theaters this year. At the moment he is preparing an independent feature Christmas story for 2002. He is married to an American and, at present, resides in Los Angeles.


"Turn of Faith"
For Mancini Productions.
Starring Charles Durning; Mia Sara; and Costas Mandylor

"The Secret Life of Algernon"
Independent feature for Marano Productions. Starring Charles Durning and John Cullum.

"Anne of a Thousand Days"
Universal Pictures. Produced by Hal Wallis. Starring Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold, Irene Papas.
*Nominated for 10 Oscars. Four Golden Globes.*Awarded Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Director*Awarded Golden Globe for Best Picture*Royal Command Film 

"Mary, Queen of Scots"
Universal Pictures. Produced by Hal Wallis. Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Trevor Howard. Nominated for 4 Oscars. Four Golden Globes. Royal Command Film

"Lost Horizon"
Columbia Pictures. Produced by Ross Hunter. Starring Peter Finch, Liv Ullman, Sir John Gielgud. Charles Boyer. Royal Command Film 

"The Boy in Blue"
20th Century Fox. Produced by John Kemeney and John Davis. Starring Nicolas Cage and Christopher Plummer.

"The Amateur"
20th Century Fox. Produced by Garth Drabinsky/Joel Michaels. Starring John Savage, Marte Keller and Arthur Hill.

Walt Disney Pictures. Produced by Jan Williams. Starring Michael Crawford and Barbara Carrera.

"The Last Flight of Noah's Ark" 
Walt Disney Pictures. Produced by Jan Williams/Ron Miller. Starring Elliot Gould and Genevieve Bujold.

"The Other Side of Midnight" 
20th Century Fox. Produced by Frank Yablans. Starring Susan Sarandon, Marie France Pisier and John Beck.
"The Littlest Horse-Thieves" (A.K.A. "Pit Ponies".)
Walt Disney Pictures. Produced by Ron Miller. Starring Alistair Sim, Peter Barkworth, Prunella Scales.

"The Dove"
Paramount Pictures. Produced by Gregory Peck. Starring Deborah Raffin and Joseph Bottoms


"The Christmas List".
2 hour . Family Channel. Starring Mimi Rogers, Stella Stevens and Marla Maples. Produced by James Shavick/ Jeff Weiss. Griffin Entertainment.

"A Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story".
2 hour CBS/Hallmark. Starring Monica Keena, Miguel Ferrer and Oksana Baiul. Produced by Ed Self, Gino Grimaldi & Bill Brademan.*Won Daytime Emmy for Best Directing. 

"Lady Boss". 
4 hour mini-series NBC. starring Jack Scalia, Kim Delaney and Yvette Mimieux. Produced by Jackie Collins and Frank Von Zernack

"Stranger in the Mirror". 
2 hour ABC MOW. Starring Perry King, Lori Loughlin and Christopher Plummer. Produced by Aaron Spelling and John Slan.

"Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus." 
2 hour ABC MOW Starring Charles Bronson, Edward Asner and Richard Thomas. Produced by Andrew J. Fenady.

A Danielle Steele novel. 2 hour NBC MOW. Starring Cheryl Ladd and Michael Nouri. Produced by Douglas Cramer.

"Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter."
2 hour CBS MOW. Starring Frances Fisher and Maurice Benard. Produced by Larry Thompson.

"Night of the Fox".
4 hour ITC/Tribune. Starring George Peppard, Michael York. John Mills. Deborah Raffin. Produced by Michael Viner.

"Till We Meet Again"
5 Hour CBS/Krantz. Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Barry Bostwick. Michael York, Mia Sara and Courteney Cox.Produced by Steve Lanning/Steve Krantz

"The Woman He Loved"
2 hour CBS/HTV MOW. Starring Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews. Produced by Larry Thompson.

"Poor Little Rich Girl" 
5 Hour ITC/NBC. Starring Farrah Fawcett.Produced by Lester Persky.* Won Golden Globe for "Best Mini-Series".

"A Married Man"
5 Hour LWT/ U.S.A. Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. Produced by John Davies. London Weekend Television

"Male of the Species"
2 hours ATV/U.S. Network presentation. Starring Michael Caine, Sean Connery & Paul Scofield. Narrator: Sir Laurence Olivier* Nominated for an Emmy

"Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"
Dan Curtis/ABC-TV USA. Starring Jack Palance and Denhom Elliott. 3 hours. *Nominated for Emmy.

"A Case of Libel"
David Susskind/ABC-TV USA. Starring Van Heflin, Lloyd Bridges, Angie Dickenson, E.G. Marshall, Anthony Quayle, Jose Ferrer, George Grizzard, and Marc Connelly.*Won American Bar Association award.


A group of four 90 minute 'one-man' productions. Produced by and for David Susskind.
"Winston Churchill" starring Robert Hardy
"Ike at Gettysburg" starring E.G. Marshall
"I Would be Called John" with Charles Durning
"Lyndon Johnson" starring Laurence Luckinbill.

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