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FOXX FAMILY NETWORK - MADE IN JAPAN. Over eight 30 second spots with more to come.


Saul Williams and Tokyo Free Verse Poets Live Event and interview for the release of SLAM.


Voice Actor Director and Subtitling for English versions of Japanese television CMs for submission to international contests like the Cannes Film Festival and the CLIO Awards.


CM planner for Japanese advertising agencies writing original scripts and storyboards.


Voice Actor Director for Japanese and English version of SonyPlaystation2 games.


Director/Editor of Interview series with Japanese film directors from the 70s. Films released on DVD in the US from Image/Vitagraph Films/American Cinematique. Dir. Yasuharu Hasebe BLACK TIGHT KILLERS (22 min.). Shot in my local, old time video store. A forgotten legend lost amongst the 'product'.

Dir. Koji Wakamatsu GO,GO SECOND TIME VIRGIN and ECSTASY OF THE ANGELS and dir. Shunya Ito and the "star" Meiko Kaji FEMALE CONVICT "SCORPION"- JAILHOUSE 41.


Writer/Director/Editor of monthly Internet Real Video programs for Tokyopop.com focusing on Japanese pop culture.

Turn It On

US Major League Baseball Opens Season in Japan

KIDS DAY (02:03)



High School Girls in Tokyo

KOGALS: You've read about them and here they are! (05:00)


Subtitler Atsuhi Kuwahara interview (Japanese)

The Japanese voice of Chef by KORN (Japanese)

Other "creatively confidential" projects for investment banks and internet companies involving multiple cameras, Real Video and SMIL technology.




(Sample reel and references upon request)


Hidekazu Nakamura

Art Quest Inc.


Tokyo Based

I've evolved beyond the realm of my homeland. In my absence, I've have been freed from the dailies. Not only do I not care about the latest gossip in town, I am unaware of it. Indifference is even more detestable than hatred according to some. I'm willing to make that sacrifice. But sometimes I say to myself, "Motherfucker. Am I gonna end up like Bill Bixby?!"
An avid reader of the Japanese press and manga, Chris not only bilingual but bicultural.
With over ten years of experience in Japan, his sans terre to directing has had many stops along the way as a creative in manga, animation, film, television and computer games. Chris started as a producer and story developer then moved into directing and acting and continues to study acting and translate. While Chris has extensive experience in post production, his bailiwick is working with actors. He considers himself an actor's director and is interested in character pieces and comedies. He would like to do for Tokyo what Woody Allen has done for Manhattan. In his free time, Chris searches for a Post-It note - mind the trademark - to the third eye of inspiration surfing the breaks of Japan and Bali.

Christian is a television and voice actor director primed to make his first feature film.

  • Writer/Director of makeable ($30,000 to $250,000) character pieces and comedies set in Tokyo making use of creative talent from both Tokyo and the US/Australia.
  • Scripts include:
    YEN IN MOTION (character piece) - first draft
    ORGAN REALITY (dark comedy) - treatment
    POT MONKEY TRIALS (ganja laws and binary brains) development
    SMILE ALL MIGHTY JESUS and DR. SPINAL MENENGITIS (dark comedy) - development

DOCUMENTARY: The Ultimate Recusant. Koji Wakamatsu (born in 1936) is Japan's most notorious underground filmmaker, a combination of Godard, Gregg Araki, and Jesus Franco. Producer of Oshima's IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES. Banned from travel to the US for his documentary about the PLO shot in 1973. The power of the student demonstrations in 1970 Japan set against the decadence of today's pop culture. Interviews and film footage - Dir. Wakamatsu has made all the films available to me - mixed in the present day locations.

DOCUMENTARY:Otakus on Otakus. Japanese Creators, their works and methods shaping the 21st Century dives into the world of Japan's otaku and pop culture and exposes the artists' works and creative process in a behind-the-scenes, making-off format through interviews with creators from various forms of media and entertainment.

DOCUMENTARY:Agasthiya. Follow an American husband and Japanese wife as they journey along a holy path in India to correct their past, present and future karma.


United Performers' Studio T3 total training program for television, film and theatre teaching METHOD acting in addition to voice, improve, Tai Chi, mime, etc., studying 18 hours a week for one year. Teachers include: Yoko Narahashi (theatre director WINDS OF GOD, casting director for SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA), Takanori Kikuchi (Sanford Meisner Neighborhood Player, Off Broadway performer, Japanese actor appearing in productions like A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE as well as in films and television) and Fujiwara Toshizo (actor in Beat Takeshi films).

  • Continued studies include: Director/Actor Scene Study Class taught by Takanori Kikuchi. Played the role of Crash Davis in BULL DURHAM. Scene Study Class taught by Fujiwara Toshizo. Played the male lead in Chehov's THE BEAR. Scene Study Class taught by Narahashi Yoko. Played the Woody Allen role in PLAY IT AGAIN SAM.
  • Dialogue Coach for Hiroyuki Sanada (SHARAKU - Cannes 1995) .EMERGENCY CALL
  • Actor. THE MIRROR. Short film directed by Otoya Kimura. Played in Paris.
  • Actor appearing on a number of Japanese television programs.
  • Voice Actor - SonyPlaystation games. BLASTER MASTER-BLASTING AGAIN, POINIE'S POIN, NHK Radio. Narrator Fuji Xerox Olympic and Paralymic Sponsor Videos.


With over 8 years of experience, Chris has translated/subtitled over 60 scripts for manga, animation, games, film and television. Including: subtitler GEORGE CARLIN LIVE in Japanese, planning,casting and translation supervisor of mega-hit U.S. animation SOUTH PARK for the dubbed version for Japanese television, THE FIFTH ARTICLE - A Spirit War Diary Awarded Best Script at the '98 Pusan Film Festival. dir. Ishii Sogo, translator of six volumes in the HOW TO DRAW MANGA series and for Japan's king creature designer Yasushi Nirasawa's latest collection of works with a six hour interview with another king - Hajime Sorayama - and their thoughts on their work, eroticism, majors vs. minors.

Chris has also worked as a creative as: TV commercial planner for Japanese advertising agencies, story development creative of manga stories for Kodansha Publishing Co. Ltd. and the Manga & Movie Original Story Competition in collaboration with Hollywood and U.S. independents, story development for Hollywood version of the Japanese film RING, interpreter for visiting Hollywood teachers of courses in directing (10 day intensive course taught by Mark Travis, award winning director and frequent teacher at D.G.A, AFI, and UCLA. Author of THE DIRECTOR`S JOURNEY: Creative Collaboration Between Directors, Writers and Actors) , acting (Hedy Sontag - New York Actor's Studio) and script analysis and development.

SOUTH PARK Kick Ass! Translation Supervisor for the dubbed version for Japanese television episodes 1 to 31. Read my interview in the Tokyo Classisfieds! You're doing the original shows and then dubbing them. How do you translate the cultural stuff? I wonder that myself. It's kind of like explaining enjokosai to your mom! MORE

VISUAL SENSE comes mainly from reading Japanese manga and watching over 250 films per year.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE or how to learn to work for yourself

'95-'98 Kodansha Publishing:Manga & Movie Original Story Competition

  • Translator/Editor/Producer over 64 manga/film scripts/treatments, project proposals, writer and development contracts and correspondence outside of Japan.
  • Interpretor at development meetings with script analysts from Paramount, Disney/Touchtone, producers, indie writer/directors and Japanese manga editors, film writers, directors and producers.

Pacific Link Communications Japan (Film/TV Production)

  • Interpreter/Translator to Australia independent film producer for new project pitches, production/post production meetings NAPOLEAN (feature film), P/A ONCE WERE WARRIORS, completion bond business, raising financing. Represented Grundy Enterprises.
  • Australia Coordinator - NAPOLEAN . Japan-Australia Coproduction. Samuel Goldwyn Release. My first screen credit.
  • Administrator of the Asian Screen Network a networking group with over 200 members. Organized and promoted monthly symposiums including some of the following speakers and topics: Mr Hirotaka Tashiro, Director, SWIMMING WITH TEARS, Mr Shinya Tsukamoto, TETSUO and TETSUO II, Subject: Independent Filmmaking in Japan, Mr Noah Cowen, Chief Programmer of the Toronto Film Festival, Subject: Getting your film into a major international festival and using the festival to your best advantage, Mr Geoffrey Gilmore, Director of Programming and Special Projects at the Sundance Institute Subject: Independent Cinema in the US and the role of the Sundance Institute.
  • BA Japanese Language and Literature/Economics, Indiana University.
  • MA Japanese Literature Sophia University (Tokyo)
  • Meiji University Individual Debate Competition, Honorable Mention
  • Japanese Level 1 (Highest Level) Proficiency Test Administered by the Japanese Ministry of Education
  • DOV S-S SIMANIS 2-DAY HOLLYWOOD FILM SCHOOL - Bought and listened to the tape series - Just like Tarrantino did as the promo material tells you. Learned nothing new; what a scam.

Avid, Henry, Edit DV, MA production, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere and After Effects, budgeting software, PC, Macintosh, Windows (Word, Excel).

Internet Skills: Front-end to back-end technology and software including RealVideo including SMIL, html, cgi, javascript.


Among the organizations and individuals for whom Christian has served as director, communicator and conduit over the last nine years are: film directors Edward Yang, Ishii Sogo and Lloyd Kaufman, RESFEST Japan, film distributors/producers Asmik-Ace, Nippon Herald, Bitters End, Tohokushinsha, broadcasters Wowow, Sport Asia, Fuji, NHK, TV Tokyo, Yomiuri TV, Channel 7 Sydney, BBC Radio, animation producers Southern Star Entertainment and Alexander Entertainment, game makers Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo manga publishers/publishers Kodansha, Graphicsha, advertising companies Tugboat, Dentsu Tec, Hakuhodo internet content providers Tokyopop.com, Linc Media, Web Connection, the Tokyo International Film Festival and U2 (yes! the band).


Moi Avid Studio The only place to edit in Tokyo
Creek and River Creative Management System
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