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While the Emerging Directors of DirectorsNet are not necessarily the working directors of the major motion pictures and hit series to be found in the main DirectorsNet, these beginning directors are the energy and the source of tomorrow's shows. 

Among these directors' sites you will discover the talent and careers that stand poised for discovery. Work from these directors run the gamut from multimedia to video, from digital and CGI, to film. Emerging directors come to DNet from Universities and film schools, from self-trained and experimental sources of every description. 

View VIDEO SAMPLES and footage at the directors' sites. Contact the director directly at her or his site! If you experience a problem contacting the director - email DNet and we will help put you in touch. 

As of Sept 16th, the DNet Director's Discussion Forum is up and running. Click the "Bulletin Board" icon to add your input.

Each Emerging Director is responsible for the content of their site and the detail of their work. 

The showcase and information you find by clicking on their names is the information they have provided for you. If you are a producer looking for new talent and need more information the Emerging Director will be anxious to provide it Check this Emerging Director showcase regularly and let the directors know you've visited!

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Emerging Director Member

"The Vanishing Point" (1998, 16 mm, Black and White): A series of photos reveal to a woman that she is being hunted. To view this film in full, visit www.ifilm.com. Screened on Northwest Airlines via Independents in Flight (IFP/N); screened on DirectTV in Japan via TVMan Union Inc.; screened on KPBS in San Diego; IFFM Showcase in Tokyo, Japan; New York International Independent Film and Video Festival; IFC2000; No Dance Film Festival; Austin Heart of Film Festival; Hardacre Film Festival. Currently being developed as a feature.