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Lamar Card

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Lamar Card





Pacific Clipper Entertainment

270 North Canon Drive, #1279
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: 310.278.8705
Fax: 310.278.8706

Scott Penney
The Chasin Agency

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Shadow Warriors

production shots

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Other Videos:
FlamingoDreams, <<play here>>

The Clones, <<play here>>

Now finishing Flamingo Dreams, I'm asked, "what next?"

I am encouraging submissions of small to medium-sized personal motion pictures. The motion picture that combines elements of intrigue, engagement, (in the French cinema sense) character and issues of dramatic weight; it might have an action dimension and I would particularly invite projects with political intrigue suitable for Film Noir.
We are currently in post on
Flamingo Dreams, a comedy-drama starring Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernie's) and Richard Mohl (Night Court).

My background is extensive in action and international co-production, Eastern European production (Techno-Fear - a.k.a. Shadow Warriors - was shot in Ukraine), CGI and digital effects.

I am open to unique and fresh feature material (read "take a chance"). If it is partially financed and/or packaged with an important casting element or two I might bring completion financing. I have extensive producing experience. My focus is now on directing, and I do not wish to produce, but I am happy to bring the packaging and financing expertise to your producing efforts. Co-producers are welcome to have a look at my development section below.

Thanks for browsing.
Lamar Card

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