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Peter Jackson....

Over and over again his name and "the Return of the King", the last part of the three film trilogy bank rolled by New Line Cinema, kept coming up a total of 11 times. This ties "the Return of the Kings" with two other movies for the most Oscars received. It was expected that Jackson might receive the award for best Director,being the first ever to do so with a fantasy style feature, after winning the DGA Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2003
and the Golden Globe for best Director.

During the filming of the trilogy Jackson's project has almost single handily put new Zealand on the map for film production, with Billy Crystal mentioning "there's noone left in New Zealand that hasn't been thanked" (7 out of every 1000 New Zeland residents we employed in the film). Current Projects filming in New Zealand include Jackson's modernized version of "King Kong" for Universal and 11 from Paramont, Sony and others.

The Mercury News reports that while filming, Jackson oversaw 114 speaking roles and 20,602 background actors wielding 48,000 assorted swords, axes, shields and other weaponry. He also supervised the production of numerous miniature sets, and special-effects creations.

To date the three film deal budgeted just under 300 Million in total has brought in just under 2 Billion world wide, which is quite the payoff for what Jackson's claims was "the biggest risk anyone has made in Hollywood" when speaking about the budget of the trilogy.

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